3 Tips for Cleaning the Exterior of a Commercial Building


Speaking of cleaning a commercial building, almost everyone focuses on the interior of the office. There are all sorts of tips present on the internet about cleaning the parking lot, wooden and concrete floors, air vents, the break room or refurbishing the entire building. However, no one talks about the exterior of a building, which is equally if not more important than the interior. The exterior of an office building is the first thing, a potential client will see when visiting your company. If you want to appear authentic and creditable, then you must clean the exterior of your building periodically. It is obvious that you will need to hire a professional company that specializes in commercial cleaning in London. Here are a few tips you can consider and discuss with your cleaning company to make your office building look as good as new.

Pressure Wash the whole Exterior

The exterior of a building is vulnerable to all sorts of climatic elements, with the most common one being the dirt and debris. Over long periods of time, the dirt settles in the fine pores and cavities in the exterior walls and gives it a dull and dirty appearance. This is also true for glass buildings. The glass buildings can also accumulate fine dirt particles over time which can become stubborn and hard to clean. You need to clean the exterior of a commercial building with pressure wash. This technique uses a special machine that pumps pressurized water and helps get rid of the stubborn dirt in the exterior walls.

Repaint the Walls

Paint has a tendency to chip and fade away almost after a short period of time. This can negatively affect your business if the exterior walls of your office building are fading. While getting the exterior cleaned, you should ask the cleaning company to repaint the walls as well. Most cleaning companies also specializes in refurbishment so you don’t have to worry about hiring painters separately for the job. However, this can add a few extra hundred dollars to your budget. The ideal time for repainting is during the holidays when the offices are off and you can get the job done without hindering the business hours and inconveniencing your employees. The cleaning companies work irregular hours and will probably accommodate your timing.

Invest in a Better Signage

Nothing screams inauthentic and invalid like a broken signage does. The signage of your business is what makes people recognize you and if it is broken or shabby, you might as well close your business. Always make sure that the signage of your business is in top condition. Keep it painted in vibrant colors and if it uses LED lights, make sure that all of them are working at all times. Or better yet, invest in a signage that is low maintenance and durable. You will need to browse the market at length to discover something like this. You can also customize the signage using your preferred materials that is suitable for your business and also serve practical purposes.