How a happy Environment can Boost Productivity


There is a relationship between productivity and job satisfaction. Happy employees offer high levels of productivity. Employees who work in a comfortable and happy environment are deemed to be happy and satisfied with their work, and they, therefore, become more productive. 

With the productivity problem that every employer face in the UK, they cannot be oblivious to the fact that having good offices and proper working conditions is a factor to take into consideration. There are various offices for sale to set up a good working environment for employees; have a look at  

Factors to Consider when choosing a Happy Environment for your Business 

Appreciate your Employees 
Employees working in a place where their efforts are appreciated, tend to be happy with their job, which equals to increased productivity. A working environment where you praise, and award skilful workers will motivate the employees to work harder. This will increase your business productivity. 

Ideal Office Space 
A good commercial property should provide ideal office spaces. The design and layout of an office should take into consideration the impact of employees’ productivity. In addition, the office space should be able to accommodate the number of employees to occupy it without the infringement of their capacity to produce. 

A good and sufficient office space enables workers to complete numerous tasks faster and effectively. It also allows staff to be creative and collaborative in their work. Such space has positive effects on the well-being and the health of staff. When looking for a good working space, make sure you look through all the offices for sale within your suitable area of business. You will find a number of offices in a good working environment. 

Positive Working Environment 
Employees are highly productive when they work in environmentally friendly places. The location, design, and available amenities in your workplace influence the health and well-being of your employees. An environmentally friendly workplace should take into consideration such factors as; 
• Lighting. Poor lighting can cause eye strains, stress, headaches, and tiredness. An ideal business property should have good access to natural lighting and efficient connectivity to electricity with a proper lighting system in place. 
• Quietness. A noise-polluted environment can have an adverse effect on the productivity of employees. This is because such noise has likelihoods of altering with their concentration and flow of communication among staff, clients, or even with suppliers. 
• Ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Poorly ventilated and over-heated buildings can cause serious harm to the personal health of employees. 

Accessibility to Work 
Long commutes to work affect employees’ productivity. It affects their psychology and feelings toward life and their jobs which in return determines the much they can offer at work. The location of a workplace should be easily accessible to staff who commute regardless of the means of transport used. The workplace should have a good link to roads and basic transportation modes as well as the necessary infrastructure to ease the commuting burden. 

Based on arrival and departure times at the workplace, policies should be favourable to staff who commute. This will ease employee stress as well as reduce the cutting out of health-related activities such as sleep, physical activities, and eating fresh food among others.