Documents required for vat return filing


what is the meaning of vat return filing?

It is basically an official document which is to be submitted to FTA. One thing that should be kept in mind regarding VAT return filing in UAE is the due date. This is because this document should be submitted to the federal tax authority before the due date. The VAT return filing must be carried out by the taxable person from time to time while keeping in mind his tax period.  All the details of the due tax should be shown in the document along with the recoverable input tax as well. Along with this stuff, some other documents and information are also needed for the vat return filing.

All of these processes are to be carried out by the taxable person and if the taxable person is not in a position to do it all, anyone else appointed by the taxable person can do the vat return filing as well.

How can we find the VAT return format in UAE?

You can easily find the format on the websites of “VAT201- VAT Return”. you can have the access of this website by logging in the e-service portals of UAE. You can enter your username and password and will get to use it easily. As we know that vat is sort of new in UAE, this is why only taxable registered persons can have the access to this portal.

Documents required for VAT return filing

Here are some of the documents you would be needing in order to go for VAT return filing

  • Annual accounts of your company
  • Your general ledger
  • Purchase day book of your company
  • Received invoices
  • Credit note
  • Debit notes

It is not all. You would need your additional tax records like a VAT account as well. Along with these documents, if the FTA asks you to provide any further documents, you would have to provide them as well.

Documents taxable entities need to maintain

The taxable entities need to maintain the following documents of the last 5 years at least.

The whole record of invoices and credit debit notes

The whole record of the supplies and imports

The whole record of goods and services

  • From VAT account

From your vat account, you would be needing;

Tax supplies on which vat is due

Amount of VAT after any correction or adjustment

Amount of VAT that is deductible after all the corrections

Amount of VAT that is deductive for the supplies and imports.

All the above-mentioned documents are required for the vat return filing and after that, you will be able to file the vat return. If you do not have much idea regarding VAT and its proceedings, you can take help from the VAT consultants in UAE. Farahat & Co, they will provide you guidance regarding VAT return Filing and all your problems will come to an end. So, make sure that you file for vat returns in a proper legal manner so that you may get assisted as soon as possible. If you want to know more VAT Registration in UAE Click here.